Georgie Henley is a beautiful young actress with a great sense of style. You may know her for her role as Lucy Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia movies. She has also appeared in the first episodes of the mini-serie Jane Eyre. This site, Dress Like Georgie, is a guide to dress like Georgie, including information about her and her style, a lookbook, exact and similair matches and ofcourse much more! Have a look around and make sure to come again soon!
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Sitename: Dress Like Georgie
All about: georgie henley style
Since: 26-06-2012
Contact: here
Webmiss: Josephina
Make-Up: You?
Hosted by: Starszz
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Title: The journey begins
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I’ve been a fan of the Narnia movies for a long long time. The first time that I saw “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”, I thought Georgie was the most sweetest and adorable girl I had ever seen. Through the years, my admiration for this girl has only grown. One of the things I liked about Georgie was her fashion style: she was always dressed with elegance, class and style. Sadly, there were hardly any good style sites for her on the web.

So, in the end, I decided to make one myself. I started with a small website on, then I decided to switch to Starszz, a wonderful free fansite host.


My main aim is to make a guide for Georgie’s clothes, make-up and hair. Not to copy her look or to make another Georgie Henley, but rather to help girls to find their own style. Finding your style can be a hard journey, and this journey, Georgie can be an excellent person to look up to.


Do you have a question, comment, suggestion, or anything else? Please send an e-mail to and I’ll respond as soon as possible.


I’m not Georgie Henley or any of her family, co-stars, representatives, friends and I am in no way in contact with them. This is just an 100% unofficial style site created for fans. Please don’t ask for her personal contact information.

I don’t claim ownership of any photos. They belong to their respective owners.

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