Georgie Henley is a beautiful young actress with a great sense of style. You may know her for her role as Lucy Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia movies. She has also appeared in the first episodes of the mini-serie Jane Eyre. This site, Dress Like Georgie, is a guide to dress like Georgie, including information about her and her style, a lookbook, exact and similair matches and ofcourse much more! Have a look around and make sure to come again soon!
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Session #007

Georgie did a photoshoot with Faye Thomas in 2010. The pictures are close-up’s which focuse on the face (the clothes, the background, and some part of the hair are unsharp.) Therefore, It’s a little hard to tell what she was actually wearing and the matches below are rather suggested matches. On one of the pictures, She sames to be wearing a black top with a round neck and long sleeves.

The Top

Chaser $64.00
ASOS Maternity £18.00
Crea Concept £59.00

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