Georgie Henley is a beautiful young actress with a great sense of style. You may know her for her role as Lucy Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia movies. She has also appeared in the first episodes of the mini-serie Jane Eyre. This site, Dress Like Georgie, is a guide to dress like Georgie, including information about her and her style, a lookbook, exact and similair matches and ofcourse much more! Have a look around and make sure to come again soon!
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My apoligies for not updating the site for almost two months. Don’t worry I’m still alive. I haven’t forgotten about DLG, but I’ve been extremely busy doing other stuff. I’m back now with some awesome Georgie news.

Georgie’s oldest sister Rachael has created a website for her knitting company, Handsome Badger, which sells handmade luxury clothing accessories. Make sure to check it out here. Georgie modelled one of the knitwear, a snood which was especially made for her.

1x Brands & Designers > Modeling > Handsome Badger

(pictures from

2x Lookbook > Modeling > Handsome Badger

In other news, Georgie appeared in a schoolproduction of the musical ”We will rock you”. She played one of the leading roles, Scaramouche. The musical ran from March 13 to March 16, 2013.

(pictures from

2x Lookbook > Acting Career > We will rock you

That was it for now. I’ll see you on the next tune. ;)

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Yesterday, Georgie made her first public appearance of 2012 on Beat TV. She gave a short interview and showed a clip from her upcoming movie, Perfect Sisters. For those who haven’t seen it, Emma from uploaded a video of the show on youtube. There’s also a behind-the-scenes interview with Georgie uploaded by Coca Cola. Make sure to watch them here and here.

Georgie looked adorable and very grown-up. She wore a black dress with a cut-out detail and cute bird print. Unfortunaly, There is no exact match for Georgie’s shoes yet, but she wore a pair of nude colored ankle boots with high heels. I added the outfit to the lookbook (sorry for the bad quality of the picture I’ve found a video with better quality). I also added 2 new outfits from Perfect Sisters. One from the clip and another one from the promotional still.

Also, Check out the brands of the clothes on the brands & designers section.

Wow, That was the largest post I wrote so far. :D The next update is going to be a guide for Georgie’s outfit. See you later! ;)

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